Lee Mariano

Their Acceptance is Not Required: Time to be Bold, Audacious, and Fearless

A Talk by Lee Mariano (Confidence & Leadership Coach, Alexidom Coaching)

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About this Talk

Has external validation in your job or career played a big part? Things like:

“I think you’re amazing.”

"You saved us last week."

“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

We live for moments like these. Validation.

Acknowledgement of our efforts and praise designed to let us know we were right. That we did well. That we were everything we should be and more.

But what happens when we begin to live our lives based on this need for acceptance from others? Unable to move forward without those words of praise? What happens when we begin to lose confidence in ourselves when the accolades don't come?

Constantly seeking validation from others can be a dangerous road.


Because you don't need anyone to tell you that you have value.

Whether it's a personal relationship, your boss at your job, or others who doubt that you have what it takes to start your own business.

During this session, we'll address the reasons we seek attention and how these validation-seeking behaviours impact how we view ourselves and our ability to step out into the world but affect the way people perceive us.

By the end of this session, you’ll be stronger, more self-assured, and more confident than you've ever felt before.

What's even better is you won't need anyone to tell you.

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Lee Mariano

Lee Mariano

Confidence & Leadership Coach, Alexidom Coaching

I am a Confidence + Leadership Coach. I help professional women build the confidence to no longer stay silent and use the power and strength of their voice, so they can create the life they want without guilt or apology.

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