Sally Prosser

The key to crack the confidence code - your voice!

A Talk by Sally Prosser (Holistic Voice & Public Speaking Coach )

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About this Talk

Does the thought of public speaking make you want to vomit in a pot plant? Does going live online bring on anxiety? Have you turned down opportunities because you're not confident voicing your message?

You're not alone.

Some studies suggest more than 75% of the population struggle with public speaking. It's the pressure point for many fears and limiting beliefs to boil over.

That's why healing your relationship with your voice is the key to unlocking confidence throughout your life.

When you know how to use your voice then you can show up in a meaningful way for your audience and make the impact you were born to make.

In this powerful talk, Voice and Public Speaking Coach Sally Prosser shares her personal story about a series of events which left her voiceless and ready to give up.

Sal rose like the phoenix to reclaim her wild woman voice and explains how you can too.

This talk is full of practical tips and magical motivation to help you activate the mind, body, spirit connection with your voice so you can speak with confidence in any scenario.

Whether it's a social media video, a podcast, a room of people or a big virtual summit - your voice deserves to be heard!

Through this talk you'll experience the untapped power of your voice, be gifted a new appreciation for your precious instrument and there'll be no more avoiding the microphone - you'll be reaching for it!

And YES, it's interactive, so warm-up those vocal cords and prepare to calibrate to the energy of Sally Prosser.

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Sally Prosser

Sally Prosser

Holistic Voice & Public Speaking Coach

I am a voice and public speaking coach who helps women in business speak with confidence so they can show up for their audience by learning how to use their voice and breaking through the limiting beliefs that hold them back.

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