Yamarie Negron

Trauma-Informed Women's Empowerment Coach, Namastenslay I am a Trauma-Informed Women's Empowerment Coach who helps driven, selfless, emotionally burnt out women create the life and love that they deserve by teaching them my proven framework for trauma release and self-mastery.

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About this speaker

Yamarie Negron is a Trauma-Informed Women's Empowerment Coach, Certified Energy Practitioner, and Canfield Success Principles Trainer. Yamarie founded Namaste N’ Slay — An empowerment brand that leverages a combination of science and spiritual principles to help self-determined women find purpose in their pain and thrive in spite of it.

Her signature method "S.L.A.Y" is a self-mastery framework that stands for Stop, Look Underneath the Surface, Adopt a new narrative, and say Yes to the new you. As a women's empowerment coach, she helps women stuck on their transformation journey overcome the emotional and mental blocks that are holding them back from maximizing their full potential.

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