Tanya Newbould

Life Transformation Strategist I am a Life Transformation Strategist. I help new mother's and women balance Perinatal Mood Disorders with work/life balance as an opportunity to grow and become who you are meant to be. I impart knowledge to decimate the stigma by breaking down old paradigm shifts.

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Tanya Newbould lives in California, United States, and has been an expert in resilience from an early age. She was adopted in the United Kingdom, grew up with an alcoholic parent, and is a survivor of PMAD’s (Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders).

A working actor in Los Angeles at the time, Tanya was 30 years old when she met and married her soulmate. Her first foundation has always been her faith in God, but after having her beautiful daughter and suffering from horrific PPD, Tanya was determined to help others. She partnered with two amazing women to co-produce “When the Bough Breaks—a documentary about postpartum depression,” Executive Produced and narrated by Brooke Shields. The film launched Tanya’s transformational speaking career and more recently, her work as a motivational, trauma, and spiritual life coach. Sharing her knowledge and letting others know they are not alone is her passion. 

Tanya was featured as one of LA’s Dynamic Women in Angeleno Magazine, in September 2022, and in 2023 she will be releasing her memoir of her postpartum depression journey on the heels of co-authoring the anticipated “Absolute Vision” with 20 other authors release date December 2022.

Because of her experience, she has now created SOZO Heart jewelry, SOZO candle, and SOZO diffuser to spread the word, change the landscape and create compassionate care around PMAD's (Perinatal Mood Disorders).

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