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Tami Gabbitas is a renowned energy healer and gifted life coach based in Arizona, United States. With nearly a decade’s worth of coaching experience, she taps into her intuitive abilities to heal those with trauma. 

After experiencing sexual abuse at a young age, Tami lost her voice for 15 years. She kept her truth close to her chest to the point where she doubted her own experiences. When she finally sought professional help, she was met with betrayal at the hands of a health professional. 

Eventually, Tami found a supportive physician who helped her identify her trauma and provided helpful resources. Since then, Tami has devoted her life to bringing a sense of love and light to trauma victims through life coaching, energy healing, and reiki modalities. 

If you have experienced trauma or know of anyone who needs a safe space to heal, you can schedule a free 15-minute energy healing consultation with Tami Gabbitas here: https://calendly.com/tamigabbitas

She regularly partners with physicians and medical organizations in the Arizona area to support clients in need of healing and finding their voices again. 

Tami Gabbitas

Strength to Surrender, Strength to Surrender
I am an Intuitive Life Coach and Energy Healer for women, with over 10 years of experience. After enduring trauma at a young age and burying my voice for 15+ years. I finally conquered this fear, stepped into my truth, and now I help women through a combination of Energy Work and Coaching.

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