Sonia Zarbatany

Coach, Speaker, Founder, The Tribe Sonia Zarbatany, known to fans and friends as “Coach Sonia,” is an international speaker, life coach, business coach, and corporate consultant based out of Montreal, Canada.

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About this speaker

Coach Sonia is among North America’s top Business and Life coaches. She is an international speaker, entrepreneur and powerhouse in helping others unlock their mind and potential.

Sonia’s coaching method is one that she follows rigorously where she takes on a 360 approach to life: from mindset to body, to relationships and to business. A true life-empowering method that allows her Tribe to achieve what is available to them. Her business strategy is a recipe for success matched with magnetic energy and tools to create mind and body synchronicity.

Personal Branding might as well be her middle name as she has mastered the ultimate blueprint for herself and her clients to establish your X-Factor, grow your community, and convert your audience! Coach Sonia is on the rise with no limit ahead; having achieved great success in Canada and the United States, she has now entered the European and International market by storm with an expanding community. Buckle up; she’s a wild tornado that will transport you to where you NEED to be!


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