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Sheba Wilson is the Bestselling Author of the book, Get Up & LEAD - Live Everyday Above Defeat. She is also the CEO of Sheba Wilson Consultancy LLC and Sheba Wilson Training Ltd, providing human resources solutions, consultancy, leadership development, executive coaching and corporate training services. She is also founder of She LEAD HR Solutions, providing a streamlined and automated application tracking software for recruitment and onboarding employees.

Sheba is a Certified Trainer, Speaker and Coach and an Executive Director of the Maxwell Leadership Team, a DISC trainer and consultant and certified in creating Leadership Development Programs from the Association of Talent Development.

Mrs. Wilson has extensive leadership experience in People Development and Human Resources and is an alumnus of the Prestigious Cornell University. She is an Executive Committee member of Grace Bay Resorts in the Turks and Caicos Islands. She has worked with the luxury brand the past 12 years and currently serves as Group Director of Human Resources . She is passionate about people development and is intentional in her efforts to create leaders and help people reach their truest potential.

Sheba is founder and host of SheWil LEAD, a podcast turned sponsored radio show, which speaks to the heart and soul of women in leadership, the unique challenges they face and how they can be empowered to overcome them. This platform is a medium by which women are inspired, encouraged and empowered to live above their circumstances.

As widow and mother of 4 children; 3 daughters, Arianna, Gabriella and Alyssa and one son, Kayden, her most important role is parenting. While it has been challenging, God has been faithful. Experiencing loss has been a time of transformation and growth spiritually, personally and professionally. Sheba believes that nothing we experience is for us; it is meant to be shared with others to inspire, empower and encourage them. As such, she uses every opportunity to impart wisdom through her life experiences and speaks extensively locally and internationally on overcoming adversity, self-care and finding balance.

A thought leader, she has also co-authored Voices for Leadership along with 39 other leaders throughout the globe.  

Sheba Wilson

Author, Inspirational Speaker & Executive Leadership Coach
I am a Leadership Trainer + Coach, I help supervisors and managers prepare for promotion to executive-level roles. It all begins with taking clients on a journey of self-DISCovery. Helping them recognize their strengths, and utilize their influence and power to gain visibility.

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