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As a Women Empowerment Coach, Feminine Leadership Mentor and Speaker, Nina's mission is to help women live, lead and thrive from their feminine nature, without struggle and burnout. With a vast experience in feminine leadership, she guides women to discover their feminine essence and shine their light bright, while living their purpose from soul alignment and balanced energy. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, bringing a vast experience in leadership - as a Women Community Leader, Diversity & Inclusion Chapter Lead - and mentoring, working closely with leaders and entrepreneurs and guiding them towards excellence in transformational sessions and programs.

She lives her life and her mission with passion and enthusiasm, while enjoying little life pleasures like good food, nature walks, painting, dancing, flying, traveling, discovering new cultures and people.

Most of all, she is a Woman. A woman exactly like you, discovering herself every day, in all her beauty and inner strength. A woman who went through tough life challenges and used all of these as an opportunity to grow and heal. A woman who enjoys the roller-coaster of life with openness and curiosity.

Using her skills and expertise in feminine leadership, she creates the space for other women to transform into their most beautiful version or how she likes to call this journey "from caterpillar to butterfly" and lead their business and life with soul, passion and gentleness.

Nina Morariu

Women Empowerment Coach, Feminine Leadership Mentor, Speaker
I help women entrepreneurs and leaders to balance their feminine power with their masculine drive so that they can lead from their soul and live a fulfilled and happy life, without burnout or self-sacrifice.

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