Neetu Deol Jhaj

Founder & CEO, Rehna Raiya

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A native of Silicon Valley, Neetu began her corporate career in the start-up industry before she had her daughters Rehna and Raiya, her greatest accomplishment.

Today, along with her family, Neetu is a co-owner of Countryside Corporation, a construction and retail development company that owns and operates multi-national brands, inclusive of Shell, Subway and Taco Bell. 

As the Founder of the empowerment clothing line Rehna Raiya, Neetu strives to pay it forward to the next generation of girls. Through the development of a first-to-launch, patent-pending jumpsuit concept to resolve gaps in girls’ clothing and through up-lifting messaging on tees, the empowerment and advancement of young girls is Neetu’s motivation to make a positive imprint every day. Close to her heart is her service on various education-centered non-profits to help youth create the future they see for themselves. When she is not working, Neetu often finds ways to give back to community.

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