Nanette Murphy

Divorce & Health Coach, Live Life Now With Purpose I am a Divorce & Health Coach for women divorcing after decades of marriage. I help them prepare for divorce. I guide them through what they need to do, why, and the order it needs to be done. This way I can alleviate some of their stress through the process of preparation and through the divorce.

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About this speaker

Nanette found her strength after heartbreak, discovered her drive after healing, and now knows her purpose because of her growth. Now, she follows her passion as a Divorce & Health Coach for women rediscovering their independence after decades of marriage. 

Her divorce was long and painful, but she learned a lot. She not only survived it, but now she is thriving. Nanette learned to manage all her finances, which enabled her to preserve her lifestyle. Nanette is now stronger and more courageous than she ever thought possible. She is the woman she always knew she could be. Her goal, purpose, and passion now are to coach, support, and mentor other women to do the same.

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What's Next, after divorce


Start with you - Then work on everything else.


A guide called -Being Prepared to Divorce-



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