Melissa Christopher

Visibility & Transformational Coach, SAG actress Melissa is a Best selling Author, visibility coach & SAG actor, that specializes in helping high level female entrepreneurs become more confident on camera & public speaking stages by utilizing her years of training as an actor to help her clients unleash their greatest gift through their authentic PRESENCE.

Melissa's talk broadcasts 24 March 2023, 07:00 PM

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About this speaker

Melissa Christopher is an international best-selling author, SAG actress & highly sought after Transformational & Visibility coach. Having spent the last 10 years working as a professional actress, Melissa brings a unique perspective to her work by guiding her clients through deep transformation & connection to their authentic selves, helping them achieve inner confidence that shines through on camera or on the stage so that they can create the IMPACT &INCOME they truly dream of.

Having survived many adversities such as childhood and sexual abuse as well as recovering from drug addiction, Melissa holds dear to the truth within her own journey, that your hardest days can become your greatest gifts & wishes to inspire women that your past stories do NOT get to define your future! You get to decide.

This transformation has since led Melissa to find the success she has, booking roles on major TV networks such as FOX, CBS, & Paramount as well as becoming a best-selling author & CEO of the company she founded in 2017. Melissa feels honoured to have been able to help many entrepreneurs become more visible in this world by releasing fear & self-doubt, so they too can inspire, be of service & leave an impact in this world Melissa believes your story IS YOUR GREATEST GIFT & the world needs you now more than ever! 


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