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Lorna is an Energy Expert, Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master teacher, Advanced Theta Practitioner and an NLP Mindset Coach for High Level Leaders and Healers.

Lorna Jayne has been in business for over 9 years and has certified and trained in various coaching and healing modalities, which gives her an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the mind, body and soul connection.

Her various roles help to support women feeling safe in their feminine flow and become confident in realising their control through intuitive connection and healing.

In recent years, Lorna has up-levelled her psychic gifts and is channelling powerful energetic activations to raise your vibrational frequency and consciousness.

Lorna has been featured in publications such as Fabulous Magazine byThe Sun Newspaper, Elastic FM radio, Business Up North, The Business desk and more. Lorna has also been featured as a guest on podcasts andbeen awarded Amazon Best Selling Author.

As the founder of Energy Ignite Global Mass Healing Membership and the Certified Reiki Academy, she has a clear vision to create a positive impact on Earth through healing.

Her own personal journey from hospitalisation to mastering energy will show you how creating awareness about the connection between your emotions and your energy is so important during this virtual summit.

Lorna Jayne

Energy Expert For High Level Leaders
Lorna Jayne is an Energy Expert For High-Level Leaders and Entrepreneurs. She helps women feeling safe in their feminine flow and become confident in releasing control through intuitive connection and healing.

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