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Loyalty marketing expert Leni Cavazos specializes in marketing strategy and experience curation. Her specialty is producing hybrid events, private retreats, niche masterclasses, educational conferences, and immersive experiences from head to toe.

Leni was recruited to roll out the Marriott Bonvoy Loyalty Program across the Middle East and Africa by Marriott's global office in Dubai. The key to her business strategy is to plan for loyal customers who spend 67% more. An expert in loyalty marketing, hospitality, food and beverage marketing, event curation, and 360-degree campaigns.

She is the CEO of The Retreat Planner, a worldwide company offering educational programs on purposefully and efficiently planning wellness retreats.

Her previous clients include Dr. Joe Dispenza, Xuan Lan, Ghurmukh, and many other transformational and spiritual coaches.

Leni Cavazos

Marketing Strategist & Experience Curator, The Retreat Planner
I am a marketing and business strategist and founder of The Retreat Planner. I help spiritual entrepreneurs so that they can host profitable retreats from a place of purpose by teaching them a blend of business acumen and energetics.

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