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Karyn from Goodnessmealternative is a Multi Award-winning Author, Speaker, and Empowerment Expert specialising in Loss and Trauma. 

Karyn struggled with her weight since her teenage years. She thought she didn’t belong because her friends all had a ‘normal’ shape and size. Due to Loss and grief she learned from an early age that food made you ‘feel good’ and food meant ‘love.’ When she was 10 years old her father died. Karyn used food as the solution to numb out, to resolve her loneliness and grief, as did her mother.

Karyn is the co-author of the 10x multi-award winning book Eating Secrets to help others who struggle with numbing out by emotional eating and use food to soothe.

Today Karyn is also a successful CPA accountant with a burning desire to find balance not only on the balance sheet but on the inside too. Karyn has spent years dedicated to learning therapeutic modalities that have helped her find who she is on the inside, rather than only what she and people saw on the outside. Karyn has found her passion and has transitioned to working with overworked women due to compensating for losses in their life to empower them to love and accept themselves and overcome the beliefs and secret fears that hold them back from finding balance in life and feeling peace in their hearts and mind to discover they are worthy of achieving anything their heart desires.

Karyn De Mol

Multi Award-winning Author, Freedom from Secret Eating Coach and Empowerment Expert, Goodnessmealternative
I am a Women's Empowerment Expert specialising in loss and trauma. I help smart hard-working women conquer their anxiety and fears while getting clarity on why they are sabotaging their success. Using a female-exclusive process where they turn inward find their self-worth.

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