Helen Ferguson

Specialist Trauma Therapist I am Helen Ferguson, Specialist Trauma Therapist. I guide women to emotional and psychological freedom from the pain of childhood trauma, sexual abuse and CPTSD, so they can live life truly as themselves.

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About this speaker

Helen Ferguson, Specialist Trauma Therapist, has been a clinical expert in Childhood Trauma, Cptsd & Sexual Abuse Recovery for 24 years. As a Psychotherapist and expert in trauma healing Helen guides entrepreneurial business women to emotional & psychological freedom from the trauma holding them back from embodying their true selves in their business, relationships & life.

Her therapeutic expertise, including EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal, Family Therapy, Attachment Therapy, Inner Child Healing, & Internal Family Systems therapy, supports women to disentangle themselves from the impact of their trauma and become the central hub of their own life, re-connecting with the confident, courageous, compassionate, empowered women they truly are.

She supports women to make empowered choices so aligned with themselves that they understand they are not a subject of their past but in control of their future. She is a true listener and change maker for women, empowering them to put themselves first safely knowing it doesn’t mean they’re neglecting everything else around them.

As the founder of The Heart of Healing Trauma ®️Helen has guided thousands of women home to the safe relationships with themselves, no longer fearful of the past and acknowledging the healing journey within themselves to self acceptance and self compassion.

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