Chris Fenning

4 x award-winning author, Social to Sellable Content 4 x Award winning author 3 x best-selling books (30,000+ copies sold) Contributor to major publications (including Harvard Business Review) Regular trainer and instructor at companies like Google and Pepsi. Regular produced of content that sells - Chris's books and courses generate over $100,000 every year.

Chris's talk broadcasts 23 March 2023, 10:00 AM

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About this speaker

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner just like you. I have grown a communication skills business, published multiple award-winning books, written for Harvard Business Review, and taught courses around the world at places like Google and Pepsi. And I've managed it by working only 28 hours a week.

At the heart of my success is the ability to efficiently create valuable content. Content that works for social median and content that sells.

In addition to my communication skills business I also teach people how to master content creation for their businesses.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners escape the hamster wheel of social media content and reap the rewards of sellable products and passive income.

I split my time between the Netherlands and the UK with my wonderful wife and daughter. When I'm not creating content you can find me growing vegetables in my garden or walking in the hills and mountains of Europe.

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