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Armida Abreu Martínez is the CEO & Founder of Divine Growth Coaching and a #1 best-selling author for Collaboration; visionaries share a new way of living. Armida's passion and purpose is to help her clients heal through deep and painful insecurities and relationship struggles and hardships. 

Armida obtained her Love and Authenticity Certificate and Whole Healing Certificate from Authentic Living, where she learned how to facilitate internal healing by uncovering and addressing the root causes of external symptoms. Additionally, she earned her NLP Certification from the Association for Integrative Psychology, helping her serve her clients by overcoming limiting beliefs, breaking behavioural patterns, creating more freedom & choice over their mindset and developing stronger and healthier relationships. 

By working with Armida, you can improve your self-confidence, heal the past by overcoming underlying trauma, improve your communication skills, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome fear and find love, peace and happiness. Her mission is to help people remove fear-based living through the power of self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-discovery. Her vision is for humanity to move beyond fear and separation and into love and oneness.

Armida Abreu Martinez

Life & Relationship Coach, Divine Growth Coaching
I am a life and relationship coach and I help women in their 30's who are struggling in life and in their relationships discover true love and connection so that they can begin to live a life of fulfillment, empowerment and freedom.

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