AnneMarie Graham

Business Growth & Mindset Strategist I am a Business Growth and Mindset Strategist. I help female business owners earn their true value by enabling them to believe in and realize their true potential. I do this by helping them to change past thinking and beliefs that have created their past results.

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About this speaker

An inspirational leader in her field, Anne Marie successfully sold The Healthforce Group in 2015, following a bid between an Irish Provider and a U.S Provider, leading to the acquisition of her company with Healthwatch. She set up The Healthforce Group in 2004 and had acquired Employee Health in 2012.

 A Best-Selling Author, an experienced Speaker and Trainer, she has worked with a number of Corporates Nationally and Internationally, in relation to Employee Health and Wellbeing, and Statutory Obligations and this included successful defence of medical legal cases.

 She has presented to a number of Businesses and Business Networks for the last 18 years. Trained in Nursing at Beaumont Hospital Dublin, she further achieved an Honours Degree in Health Studies from London’s Royal College of Nursing, one of the United Kingdom’s leading Colleges in the field, as well as a Masters in Occupational Health.

 Anne Marie now runs Mindset Success Strategies, helping individuals, groups and companies reach their potential and achieve their personal and professional goals. An intensely growth- and goal-oriented person who is passionate about helping others get from where they are to where want to be, Anne Marie now delivers results through her coaching and development programs.

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