Allera Dawn

The Modern Day High Priestess, Purelight1111 I am Allera Dawn and I help Individuals who are committed to living fully expressed.  Who desire to transform their life & expand past the boundaries of their current reality which in turn will upgrade all areas of life, business, relationships + money.

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About this speaker

Allera Dawn is known as The Modern Day High Priestess.

Allera Dawn is shaking up industries & perceptions. Known as The Modern Day High Priestess, founder of Pure Light 1111 & creator of her ground-breaking Soul Architect Series ™ healing technology. She is creating waves as a spiritual life & business coach, workplace wellness expert, public speaker, multi-dimensional channel & energy healer. She also hosts a top 4 ranked podcast on itunes, Pure Light 1111- Soul Aligned Living.

Allera Dawn is a spiritual powerhouse, visionary & change maker who is using her experience to bridge between many industries going through huge evolution. Including finance, business, coaching & wellness. 

With a background spanning of over 20 years working in Top Investment Banks & and also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Gestalt therapy trained. She is using her unique first-hand experience of working inside these industries to disrupt traditional business models, activating wealth & elevating conscious leadership among global communities.

Allera experienced two near death experiences age 2 & 4 which radically shaped her life. The effects led her on a healing journey of initiations to alchemize abuse, overcome illness, find her inner voice, embody her spiritual gifts & activate her inner power to live unapologetically.

She believes that we each hold the power within to heal ourselves, access our intuition & elevate our consciousness. So we can lead our lives from a state of wholeness rather than pain. She believes we are here to thrive not suffer.

Allera is driven by a deep desire to help the conscious leaders heal from past trauma, re-write their life script & align to soul. Which in turn will bring great positive change to our planet.

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